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    Working Process

    Professional Production Process

    The manufacturing process of exporting the mask is guaranteed to be absolutely clean and in compliance with given medical requirements.
    Factory area is sterilized absolutely to ensure absolute safety.
    Raw materials

    Raw materials

    Develop the three layers of fabric in the masks
    Fold, weld & cut

    Fold, weld & cut

    sandwiches the filter material and metal nose piece


    High levels of ozone for 20 minutes to sanitize


    We are committed to fighting this pandemic


    Who We Are

    We are the factory of Bariq Industrial Company in the second industrial city in Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia We manufacture  three ply face masks  of medical and non-medical type in various colors, blue, white, black, green, violet and pink to provide maximum protection for users, women, men and children, and we use the best raw materials for production according to international medical standards. We also manufacture many other masks, such as KN95 and Bariq Queen, We have obtained the license of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority and the license of the US Food and Drug Administration. We also obtained the ISO 9001-2015 certificate, the medical ISO 13485. We have sent Applus lab to the IP Plus laboratory in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which is officially accredited by the European Union On the quality certificate. We also obtained a certificate of conformity to European specifications and a certificate of conformity to American specifications ASTM F2100

    The smoldering line during an epidemic is the respiratory droplets ejected by infected people while talking, coughing and sneezing. Some people can be contagious and do not realize it in crowded public places, so it is recommended to use masks in such circumstances to protect against the risk of infection.

    If you do not have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, it is recommended to use non-medical masks
    Medical masks are recommended if you or a member of your family is at risk of contracting COVID-19, are 60 years of age or older, are caring for someone with COVID-19, or have symptoms of COVID-19, you should wear a medical mask to protect others.

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    We are committed to fighting this pandemic, and we thank and support those who are keeping the world protected.

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